XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers Download

To be able to use or connect Your XP-PEN Star 04 make sure to install XP-PEN Star 04 driver software on the PC/Laptop/Notebook/Computer. below is available download XP-PEN Star 04 drivers/software also user manual that you need.

XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers Download

DOWNLOAD ↔ Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1/10

DOWNLOAD ↔ Driver for Mac 10.8/10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12/10.13 or later

DOWNLOAD ↔ Star Series 04 User Manual Version 1

How to Download and Install XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers for Mac

Procedures for the XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers download and installation
  1. Download the XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
  2. Double-select the downloaded XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers file and mount it on the Disk Image.
  3. Double-select the mounted Disk Image.
  4. Double-select the packaged XP-PEN Star 04 driver software file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.
Note: the files that need to extract if the Zip format, so you can install, For more can see XP-PEN Star 04 user manual

How to Download and Install XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers for Windows

Download / Installation XP-PEN Star 04 driver/Software Procedures
  1. Download the XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers file. For the location where the file is saved, check the computer settings.
  2. Double-select the downloaded XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers .exe file. It will be decompressed and the Setup screen will be displayed. Follow the instructions to install the XP-PEN Star 04 Drivers software and perform the necessary settings.

XP-PEN Star 04 Review

The Star04 is just one of numerous in the line of XP-Pen graphics tablet computers. This is the higher-end tablet and it's additionally the one with the most attributes.

Completely the tablet measures 14 ″ vast by 9.6 ″ long. It's additionally remarkably close a 2 ″ deepness. However it only weighs 2.4 pounds which is right on target with similar drawing tablet computers. The Intuos Pro considers 2.2 lbs despite the fact that it's much thinner, so these 2 tablets can really feel really comparable. The real drawing area procedures 9 ″ x 6 ″ which is very large for the rate. It works wonderful on all displays and must fit on your workdesk just like any other similar drawing tablet.

All the technological specifications take a look at and offer a really smooth attracting experience. The Star04 includes 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which is typical of any kind of mid-range tablet computer.

It features 230 RPS(reports per second) which determines the complete variety of signals sent to the computer system each secondly. Anything above 200 RPS is solid.

The tablet's resolution steps 5080 LPI(lines each inch) which is simply an expensive way of saying exceptional recognition of the stylus pen in the drawing area.

The Star04 also features 8GB of flash memory for saving work in your area. You still need a computer system to check out the data, yet you'll have a less complicated time moving them to various computer systems. One of the coolest aspects of this tablet computer is the passive stylus pen. This suggests it functions simply from pressure on the drawing location with no cordless connection to the surface.

The stylus has no battery as well as never has to be recharged. It functions by physically interacting with the screen just like you touch your mobile phone with your finger.

Some musicians like the energetic stylus because you can float the attracting area and also see comments on the screen. But never ever needing to bill your pen is likewise pretty pleasant.

You could configuration the drawing pad for lefty or righty drawing and also the specific keypad comes either way. This keypad allows you to set up 9 complete share secrets with the outer directional switches and also the inner circle wheel.

I seldom locate tablet computers in this rate variety that include express secrets so this was a pleasant shock.

The whole tablet computer works on a single USB cord so there's no plug for the wall outlet. It seems power efficient since I obtained a comfortable 2+ hours of making use of my Windows 7 laptop prior to I had to connect it in.

Overall the attracting experience is extraordinary. Truthfully I have not gotten lost in my artwork in a such a very long time, as well as the Star04 makes it simple to neglect you're drawing on a mechanical surface area. It feels extremely comfy as well as while it is a little bit chunky it's additionally lightweight and the best size for artists of all skill levels. To get the most recent drivers I suggest going to the motorists web page on XP-Pen's website. Several of the current drivers as of this creating have actually been updated within the past 3-4 months so they do seem to push updates often.

Everything you need can be found in a single.zip file with installers for Mac as well as Windows makers.

Make sure that you download and install & run the configuration before connecting in your tablet computer. As soon as the settings window appears it'll guide you on ways to continue.

In the setups window you'll wish to transform the stress, workplace, and test your display settings to make certain they look excellent.

To configuration the pen buttons as well as the specific hotkeys you'll have to go into those tabs in the motorist settings home window and also configure them by hand. I'm still uncertain just how this functions thinking about the pen has no batteries, so I'm not exactly sure exactly how the stylus switches sign up with the computer system. But somehow they work.

The setup process is additionally instead basic as well as the directions are crystal clear. Simply follow the set up guide that includes the tablet and you should be fine. If you lose the handbook or if you delicately throw it out you can obtain a digital copy from the XP-Pen downloads page.
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